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I open my blog and saw something in my draft. So here is it, this picture with some words which is not available for me now. My perception has changed. 

We know many people but not all of them understand us right ? That's why we need to appreciate them who is really understand us but doesn't mean that we cant appreciate them, who doesn't. We should appreciate every people in this world. Doesn't matter if they are good or not, because every people that came into our life bring new things to be learned. It depends on us how to appreciate the things that we received. People nowadays lack of appreciation in their life. Wake up and thank people around you, they are there to help u strengthen yourself, to overcome this life difficulties. Since I live in this metropolitan city and I meet new people to live with. I admit that I have hard time to accept my condition and new people but after a while, I think that God has sent some people in our life for some purposes. We need to think about why God sent those people to us. After some time, I think a lot and I start to appreciate things that are happening now. It also taught me how to be more responsible in every action, to be more loving towards people that in need, to think positive in every things, to control my anger and such. Their presence not bringing me down but even strengthen me in some ways. To add, it also depends on us, how to accept the things that happened and think. Think! Think! Think! use ur brain to thing that everything happens for a reason. Try to find the reason; Why this thing is happening to me ? That's why ur brain is there; for u to use it to think, not just keep it there in ur head. So from this appreciate matters, we can face our condition peacefully. I think my points have mixed, but anyway I hope you guys get what I'm trying to say. So long. Adious! 

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